Why the Gnomes Should Dominate the Earth

 The world is constantly changing and evolving (look at cheap car insurance site paythroughthenose.co.uk as an example! and it seems as if the human race has been doing everything in its power to overpopulate and harm the earth. By turning on the news, this is evident by reports of oil spills, poverty and hunger, pollution and more. The humans are the dominant and highest creature when it comes to the pecking order, and it is time for a change. Gnomes should dominate the earth. This would more than likely restore peace and balance to this world.

For thousands of years, these creatures have lived side by side with humans and rarely get noticed. If a person spots a gnome, they will shake their head in disbelieve and try to explain away what they saw. The silly human will claim to have seen a small child or possibly a wild animal. But never a gnome. This is too bizarre of a creature to actually be real and be seen by the humans. People have a hard time believing that there is intelligent life besides themselves, so they obviously won’t believe they saw a gnome in their yard or garden.

Historically, the gnomes have been underground dwellers. They would either live in caves or in the forest and are able to work with the land so that they have little impact on their surroundings. Being unnoticed is an important thing for these creatures, as they like to go about their business and enjoy life.

Since there are only a few enemies of gnomes, if they were the dominant creature in this world there would be few problems and struggles. Gnomes would simply have to continue to look out for trolls, goblins, and cats. Trolls and goblins are both nasty creatures that generally like to do harm just because they can. Being mean, grumpy, and evil is what these creatures do best. If gnomes were the dominant species, these mean foes would have to leave things alone and possibly change their tune. Becoming nice and docile creatures may be the way to go. Cats are simply not trustworthy. Gnomes do not like them and they have good reasons. Since humans would no longer be on the top of the food chain, they would not have so many cats. Hopefully, with some time and some luck this obnoxious species could dwindle and become extinct.

If gnomes were to rule the world, humans would have to accept the fact or move to another planet. Fighting would be useless, since gnomes are so secretive to begin with. People would never stand a chance. The best option would be to charter a spaceship to another planet and start over. Humans can go elsewhere and ruin another world while the gnomes slowly turn earth back into a beautiful and peaceful place to live.

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