Site review -

This appears to a website that offers comparison quotes, but may also be a website that is trying to educate people on car insurance. The articles on the website are disjointed and do not serve a purpose in the general scheme of things. They would be more use as either largely expanded articles that go into depth about insurance issues so that people may do research before comparing, or should be collected together and put onto a blog.

Did it load ok on your desktop, tablet or mobile?

The websites loaded very quickly and did not insist on installing cookies to render. The comparison function does demand cookies. The website looks better formatted on a tablet device, but looked cramped, ugly and cheap on a Smartphone. It also looks very cheap and quickly made on the desktop version too. It is as if someone has slapped together a bunch of articles in the hopes people will land on them and click the compare link.

Was it easy to navigate?

No, it was not. The links are very hard to find. After searching and clicking the three links at the bottom, you may discover that the button at the top will take you to the pages you need to get to. The links at a top are formatted like adverts because they are like buttons, and the colours also seem reminiscent of affiliate advertising too. The links do not appear to have an order, despite their categories, and there seems little reason for each page, which again makes them appear more like blog posts than articles on a website.


The website is useful if you want to find a place to compare car quotes, otherwise the text is too fluffy, the website is too inconvenient and the website has no clear use or purpose beyond offering a link.


The website was clearly not made by a professional, both because the Smartphone version and desktop version looks cheap, and because the design itself is ugly in a day and age when you can get thousands of templates for free. The website also uses language that makes you doubt the professional nature of the writer, and one wonders if he or she was in fact a blogger prior to being a web master.

How would you improve

Set up a hierarchical navigation system, give clearer categories and flesh them out a lot more than they have been. Use a better template for the website, reformat the website and make it look more professional.

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